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Apply for Risk Management, M.S. of New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)

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Risk Management, M.S.

New York Tech's M.S. in Risk Management prepares business professionals for today's dynamic, competitive, global marketplace. Learn to lead change, think strategically in complex business situations, and provide valuable solutions that mitigate risk across entire enterprises.

Admission Requirements:

·B.S. degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.

·Minimum undergraduate GPA of2.75.

·No US visa rejection experience.

Program Type: 0.5+1

·(1) Domestic training stage:

·Students study English and some professional courses in China for 6 months. The main course of English study is IELTS. After the study, you can take the English proficiency test. After passing the test and being approved by the American school, you can apply for passport, visa and other overseas procedures. The professional courses are 11 compulsory courses for the Master of Risk Management (Master of Risk Management) stipulated by the New York Institute of Technology. Includes Research and methods, Principles of Economics I, Finance, Principles of Management, Marketing, Business statistics, Production and Operation Management, Management Science, Business analysis, Global Value chain Risk Management, Asset Evaluation and Development, International trade.

·(2) Study abroad stage:

·Students study at the NYIT's Global Finance Center,Manhattan campus for 12 months. The main content is nine compulsory courses of Master of Risk Management stipulated by Americanprofessors. It includes economic risk management, financial risk management, insurance risk management, human capital and risk management, legal and regulatory policy risk, business continuity management, business security and risk analysis, new trends in risk management and control, and comprehensive research on risk management.

·After completing the total credits and passing the assessment and examination of all required courses, the students will be awarded the internationally recognized (AACSB Global Elite Business School certification) Master's degree in Risk Management by the New York Institute of Technology, and can apply for the master's degree certification in the Service Center of the Ministry of Education.

Address:Room 611,No.2Building, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Business School

Contact number: 0531-58716788


Website: https://www.nyit.edu/degrees/risk_management_ms

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