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30 Volunteers of UJN Helped the Yellow River Forum Launch

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On November 7 and 8, the 2020 Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High-quality Development Forum was held in Jinan. The forum, held by the Presidium of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and as an integral part of the forum 2020 Annual Meeting, themed “Building a new pattern of seeking common consultation, governance, and sharing, writing a new chapter in ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin”. Jinan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Jinan Youth Volunteers Association and the University of Jinan, recruited 30 young volunteers to participate in the preparation for the forum and the conference so as to help the forum start smoothly.

Those young volunteers are divided into four groups, including hotel reception, train station and airport pick-up station, materials, opening ceremony and forum preparation. The hotel reception team waited for guests at the main venue of Nanjiao Hotel to help guide them to check in; At Jinan West Railway Station and Yaoqiang Airport, the young volunteers of the pick-up station group provide services for participants with a good mental outlook; The Materials Group is responsible for a series of conference work, including transporting materials, arranging tables and chairs, and preparing and placing table labels and written materials. As it is still in the epidemic period now, these volunteers also undertake the task of distributing epidemic prevention materials such as masks and disinfection wipes to guests; Volunteers for the Opening Ceremony and Forum Preparation Group are responsible for sign-in, distribution of seating list and guidance of participants. During the whole process, volunteers demand themselves with warm and thoughtful services and strict standards, obey the command, take seriousness and responsibility, cooperate with each other, and pay attention to the overall situation, which help the forum to carry forward smoothly, and win praise from participants and the staff of the forum group.

Since the establishment in 2003, the University of Jinan Volunteer Association has undertaken many volunteer service tasks for large-scale competitions. In recent years, it has participated in the volunteer service of Beijing Olympic Games, National Games, Shandong International Sugar and Liquor Association, Chinese Football Association Super League and Spring City (Jinan) Marathon. In this volunteer service activity, 30 volunteers in the UJN contributed their strength in the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress, showing the excellent performance of young volunteers of the UJN to others and fully demonstrating their ideals and beliefs, kindness and responsibility.

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