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UJN Holds the Closing Ceremony and Commendation Gala of the 2nd Sports Culture and Art Festival

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On December 26, the closing ceremony and commendation gala of the 2nd Sports Culture and Art Festival of the University of Jinan(UJN), hosted by the Sports Committee and organized by the Youth League Committee and the Institute of Physical Education of UJN, was held in the  Grand Auditorium. Zhang Shuoqiu, deputy secretary of UJN’s Party Committee, staff from relevant functional departments and the Institute of Physical Education, deputy secretaries of Party committee, secretaries of the Youth League Committee and student representatives of each school attended the gala. The closing ceremony was presided over by Qi Shenghua, dean of the Institute of Physical Education.

At the gala, Sun Feifei, secretary of the Youth League Committee of UJN, read out the list of outstanding organizational units in the festival. Luan Zhiqiang, secretary of the Party committee of the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Yang Jie, secretary of the Party committee of the Institute of Physical Education, Liu Zhi, deputy division director of Student Work Department (Division), and Shi Wei, deputy division director of the Safety Management Department, gave awards to winners.

Mrs. Zhang Shuqiu made a speech, congratulating on the success of the festival. She pointed out that the festival has become a unique brand and “cultural card” on the basis of UJN’s various cultural activities, which demonstrates that UJN has paid highly attention to its top-level design, sought inspiration from different majors and tried to make breakthrough to better serve its teachers and students. The holding of the festival is not only a practical answer to the questions like “what kind of students to cultivate, how to cultivate and for whom to cultivate,” but also an effective exploration of UJN’s goal to cultivate students with healthy physique, sound personalities and all-round development. Mrs. Zhang hoped that all students could seize the time and remain true to their original aspiration in study; they could also build up their physique and carry forward the spirit of physical education such as striving for excellence to contribute the realization of Chinese dream.

The summary and commendation gala presented a variety of wonderful programs, showing a healthy and energetic outlook of teachers and students of our school as well as the unique charm of sports. With the opening of a lion dance with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, the atmosphere of the gala was ignited; then various programs were displayed from the vigorous hip-hop dance, aerobics, rope skipping, trampoline, kickboxing performance to song series; after them, retired teachers of our school performed a fan dance showing their radiant and energetic demeanor; then came the majestic martial arts, military boxing, taekwondo performances as well as a yoga show combining the beauty of masculinity and softness; at last, the closing ceremony ended successfully in a dance named “Backbone” interpreting Shandong people’s hard-working and indomitable spirit.

The 2nd Sports Culture and Art Festival is themed with “Live Our Youth Passionately, Chase New Dreams” and is elaborately planned according to the idea of “Educating students with Sports.” The festival lasts throughout the whole year. Its content is divided into more than 20 sub activities in three major parts, namely “sports competition,” “sports culture” and “popularity of sports,” with more than 20000 teachers and students taking part in. Through diversified campus cultural activities, it provides a platform for students to show themselves and let go of their dreams, and presents to our motherland for its 70th birthday with a civilized, wonderful and optimistic sports culture event.

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