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2023 New Year Academic Lecture Series of Business School of UJN Come to a Successful Conclusion

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In order to improve the academic atmosphere, enhance the scientific research level of teachers and students, Business School of UJN planned and held “New Year Academic Lecture Series” at the beginning of this semester to deepen the academic exchanges between the school and other famous universities. Many teachers and students have participated in this series of activities.

Six professors from well-known universities at home and abroad were invited to give special lectures on their respective research fields and to have face-to-face communication with our students and teachers. They are Professor Wei Qian, which is the dean of Business School of UJN, Professor Yang Liyan from University of Toronto of Canada, Professor Zheng Jie from Tsinghua University, Dr. Kong Guangwen from Temple University of US, Professor Chen Shuo from Fudan University, and Professor Ma Guangrong from Renmin University of China.

Professor Wei Qian opened the first special report around “Heroes and Their Evolution” and “Individualism Versus Collectivism and the Early-Stage Transmission of COVID-19”. He talked the significance of heroic behavior in the evolution of human cooperative survival and the influence of collective individualistic culture on epidemic transmission.

Professor Yang Liyan examined the economic problem of “The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility: When Firms Set Personalized Prices for Network Goods” based on the themes of financial markets, asset pricing, and behavioral finance.

From the perspective of reciprocity, Professor Zheng Jie shared his latest achievement A Goose Feather that Travels a 1000 Kilometers Becomes a Real Matter: Theory and Experiment on Kindness and Reciprocity”, and explored the relationship between consequences and costs of behavior and goodwill.

Professor Chen Shuo combined historical factors to give the academic lecture Rebel on the Canal: Disrupted Trade Access and Social Conflict in China,1650-1911, and explored the relationship between trade accessibility and social stability from the perspective of the abolition of the Grand Canal.

Based on the fields of public health and economics, Dr. Kong Guangwen discussed the theme No Panic in Pandemic: The Impact of Individual Choices on Public Health Policy and Vaccine Priorities in United States with an evolutionary approach to scientific research.

Professor Ma Guangrong took the preferential policy of having the income tax rate of small and micro enterprises as the starting point, then explored the academic issues related to Policy Effect of Tax Preferences for Small and Medium Enterprises: Incentives Distortions, in response to the controversy over the effect of tax incentives at the present stage.

The experts had a detailed discussion with our teachers and students in the aspects of research question raising, model building, empirical analysis and explanation of research results. The teachers and students actively participated in and speak out, which not only broadened their research vision, increased their research interest, but also enhanced their ability to master research methods.

The holding of this “New Year Academic Lecture Series” provided a useful reference for the teachers and students of our school on the selection of theoretical integration with practice, academic research paradigms and methods, contributed to the improvement of the overall academic atmosphere, and also provided cutting-edge research topics. The academic series have achieved a great success.


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