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Double-Degree Program of UJN & GCU

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Students are to be co-educated by UJN & GCU in full time and graduate with double bachelor's degree certificates from UJN & GCU.

Program Type: 2+2 or 3+1

Program Object: 3rdyear or 4thyear students of Business School, UJN

Application Program: BA(Hons)Finance, Investment and Risk;International Marketing

Tuition Fee: 14500 pounds each year

Scholarship: 2000 pounds each year

Application Condition: No failing courses, the average≥75, the IELTS≥6 or Duolingo≥150

Application Website:

Finance, Investment and Risk:https://digital.ucas.com/coursedisplay/courses/33919de5-0e71-593f-0fb9-7d4e7528e6a8?academicYearId=2023

International Marketing:https://digital.ucas.com/coursedisplay/courses/722a26cd-7271-4950-9487-34f691843aed?academicYearId=2023

Contact: 89736028

International Cooperation & Exchange Office, Business School

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地址:山东省济南市舜耕路13号 电话:0531-82767404 邮编:250022
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